From University To Happy EFT Coach in a Few Decades

Are you graduating in 2014 or sometime soon thereafter? Or possibly you know a youngster who could do with some practical advice? You may be even 22 in mind and starting yet again? If your answer is Yes to any of the above, then this short article is for you.
Let me think back. Oh, if only… If I Were back in my 20s… With what I know now!
What do I know given that I wish I had known then? Well, the biggest insight that age and experience has given me is that when life offers you chances, grab them with both of your hands. For me, I had the opportunity to do an Honours degree in four years that had a one-year part of employed in industry. Oh, how I wish I had taken that great supply. Instead, I was in a 3-year Honours degree that to me was pure and in my opinion better. But individuals who had taken the four-year option had jobs looking forward to them at the end, simple getting into their Masters and PhDs, but I moved to a different part of London, which I thought was the higher part, and moved to a university that had the faster course, and basically ended up in horrid accommodation which contributed if you ask me becoming seriously ill for 25 years. When I left University, my options were limited to work that I could fit around being ill. Only, I still was cocky and forget about many opportunities that could have already been excellent to wait for the correct one. But alternatively, I soon accepted offers which were below my capabilities, as soon as you get stuck for the reason that rut, you get labelled by the recruitment companies for that kind of job, and they end up playing safe by only putting you forward for the lesser jobs, because they are your experience.
You see, after graduation, I needed to be a salesperson on the road. That was the next prize for not being able to be a scientist full-time due to illness. But, the recruitment agencies put me within an office-based telemarketing job when i had opted for an office-based sales job and messed it up. It took me a long time of doing the work the recruitment agents trapped me in before finally taking things into my very own hands and calling one company after another until finally getting myself a job as a salesperson from the road. Eventually, that job changed into a mainly office-type job, but by then, I had a lot of experience, and I applied direct to companies for work in marketing with good pay. But the independence of being out on the road never left my blood, and I hankered to make it by myself somehow.
Faster EFT Practitioner
Somewhere along the line, I was introduced to holistic and alternative health to greatly help me with my own health challenges. As I began to get better, I was introduced to classes and workshops and learned my current trade. Finally, learning EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques, sometimes referred to as Tapping, completed the holistic health picture for me, and I am pleased to say that Then i found my true vocation. I’ve now found a means of living the life that I enjoy and doing the work that I enjoy. And I’ve found ways to make my work life so pleasurable and satisfying, it generally does not feel like work. By using EFT, I have released all the negative beliefs holding me down,some of which I was totally unaware of, and my business is going from strength to strength. And I’ve released all the blocks put in my path by my previous job mess-ups, those caused by me and the ones subconsciously attracted by me.
I’d advise any young professional starting out not to think about what job would give them probably the most prestige, probably the most immediately-available pay, or the easiest job to get via a recruitment agency. Invest some time. Ask yourself where you would want to see yourself in the next 5 years, a decade, 15 years, and how you can get there. Consider what offers you pleasure and satisfaction. Find out how that can be at least part of your job. Perhaps you can even book a session having an experienced EFT practitioner and have a session that will help you focus on the simplest way forward for you.